The Ink Bureau has managed the public relations and content for Zuora since late in 2018.

In partnership with Zuora, we’ve told Australia and New Zealand about the advent of the Subscription Economy and all it entails. In press releases, bylines and other stories we’ve talked about the end of ownership – the shift from products towards services. We’ve celebrated the success of companies that put customers first. And we’ve explained how Zuora is helping to change the way people around the world approach everything from streamed sport to gas and electricity.

In the last six months we’ve secured stories on Zuora in Inside Retail and New Zealand’s National Business Review.

our recent work with Zuora

Offering evidence on the end of ownership

Zuora undertook a worldwide survey of more than 13,000 people, asking them about how they used products and services, their subscriptions and their thoughts on the owning “stuff” now and in the future. Many of the findings were remarkable, particularly from Australian and New Zealand respondents.

Our job was to turn the survey into a compelling story and pitch it to media.