The Ink Bureau has managed the public relations and copywriting for Volgren since 2017.

Our work with Volgren varies from producing regular bus trade stories to interviewing stakeholders for long-form copy articles; from tender writing to copywriting for brochures, print advertisements and websites.

We’ve secured stories on Volgren that have appeared on ABC TV (The Business), in The Courier Mail, The West Australian, AMT Magazine, The Geelong Advertiser, Australasian Bus and Coach, as well as Bus and Coach Magazine.

Our recent work with volgren

Telling a remarkable industry story

In 2018, Volgren delivered 60 buses in just 140 days by Transport for New South Wales. The Ink Bureau was given the task of putting this significant achievement into words.

We interviewed members of the Volgren team, chassis partner Volvo and bus operator CDC Sydney. The 1000-word feature story appeared in Australian Bus & Coach – online and in print.

A test of Volgren’s mettle (and metal) in the market

Of the many characteristics that set Volgren apart, its long-standing dedication to bus bodies made from aluminium is one of its most compelling. It led the way in the Australian market, helping to demonstrate that aluminium was a superior body building material to steel.

This brochure highlighted why Volgren aluminium buses remain the best in the market.

Pitching an important partnership to the press

Volgren is continually seeking to find new ways to make better buses, and one of the ways it does this is by collaborating with world-class researchers. Our public relations team worked on a story involving Volgren’s partnership with Deakin University in Geelong, which was picked up by the Geelong Advertiser.