Words Division

Hello. You’ve entered the copywriting and editing department of The Ink Bureau. We call it the Words Division.

It’s divided into two wings:

The Fresh Ink Wing

The Fresh Ink Wing is where all the writing happens.  Here we can help you with:

  • Digital copywriting – websites, landing pages, social media
  • Print copywriting – brochures, flyers, booklets, menus
  • Outdoor copywriting – billboards, posters, public transport
  • Blogs
  • Speeches
  • Letters

The Red Ink Wing

The Red Ink Wing is our editing section. In this part of the Bureau we can help you improve a story that’s already been written.

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve done the scribbling or someone else has;  whether it needs a fresh pair of eyes or painstaking reconstructive surgery;  whether it’s 50 words or 50,000 words. We can tend to your tale.


When you work with The Ink Bureau on a writing or editing task, you’ll work with Jonathan Rivett, who’s our senior writer and editor.

Jonathan has more than ten years of ink on his fingers.