Why choose The Ink Bureau

There are lots of good reasons to entrust your communications project to The Ink Bureau. Here’s just a small selection:

Because you’re not interested in cliches

Your organisation isn’t the same as all the others so why on earth should your words be?

When you employ The Ink Bureau you get a commmunications service fanatical about avoiding cliches and buzzwords. (We won’t mention “synergies” or “moving forward” unless you expressly tell us to – but even then we’ll do it reluctantly.)

We don’t tell your story in a way that’s safe and palatable. We say exactly who you are, what you do and why you’re brilliant – without the corporate guff.

Because you want to work with a startup, not an upstart

The Ink Bureau is young and relatively small but it’s been built by people with plenty of writing, editing and PR hours behind them.

When you employ The Bureau you’ll be taking on two senior communications specialists with well over three decades of experience behind them. They’ve written for websites, email, blogs, print, radio, television, social media and outdoor. They’ve worked for some of the country’s biggest companies and have relationships with some of the country’s most important media organisations.

Because you want someone who can write, not talk

The Ink Bureau is a snake-oil free zone. We refuse to promise the world.

We’re not into door-to-door sales. And we wouldn’t be good at it, even if we wanted to be.

We’re not an ‘integrated agency’ (whatever that means). We’re not much good at coding or information architecture or media buying. (Although we can certainly put you in touch with people who are.)

We’re a communications agency. Writing, PR and content strategy is what we concentrate on so we can do it really well.

Because you want your agency’s undivided attention

We’re not juggling dozens of ‘accounts’, which means you get great service. Full stop.

We don’t put you in a place on a priority list based on how much you pay.

No political positioning. No worries about getting the ‘A team’. ¬†We get working on your project straight away and tell you exactly when we expect to finish it.

Think you need ink?

If you need help with a project that involves writing, editing, PR, media or comms strategy, let us know.