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What Does indelible mean?

Literally: indelible is an adjective usually referring to the ink from a pen that can’t be removed.

Figuratively:  indelible refers to anything not easily forgotten. Something lasting or memorable.

Why do we tALK ABOUT indelible?

Because we think that when you hire a copywriter, you want words that set you apart, not words that make you sound the same as everyone else.

That probably sounds really obvious, and yet look around and you’ll see so many companies – many of them competitors with one another – saying almost exactly the same thing.

Copy should persuade, disarm, enlighten, challenge or convince a reader to take some kind of action – whether it’s choosing to make a simple click or committing to a significant decision. Your words shouldn’t – we think – tuck you neatly into a comfortable category or have readers thinking “Yeah, we’ve heard this all before.”

That’s the essence of indelible. Words that are written to be lasting – or at least a little bit different – not disposable words that are erased from the memory as soon as they’re read.

Why else should I choose The ink Bureau?

 There are lots of reasons why you should choose The Bureau to write your copy or edit your words. You can read just a few at our Why choose the Ink Bureau page.

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