What we do and how we do it

About the Bureau

The Ink Bureau is a freelance communications studio.

It’s occupied by people who are fascinated by stories and precious about words – in a good way.

We don’t like it when words are misused and maltreated. We’re troubled by poor language being allowed to roam free. We can’t stand it when good words get overlooked or seen by the wrong people.


Jonathan RIvett

Founder and Senior Writer

After a decade of work as an in-house copywriter and editor, Jonathan established The Ink Bureau in 2015.

Cameron Donovan

Head of strategy and PR

Cameron has more than 20 years of PR experience working for agencies and as a freelancer.

Our clients

Over the years, we’ve worked with everyone from sole traders and brand new businesses to some of Australia’s most prestigious universities and the country’s largest bus body manufacturer.

Find out about some of our most recent work by visiting The Ink Bureau Archives:

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